Sevana like children

Sevana like children

Sevana is a campaign by artists against all forms of discrimination. It is the brain child of an initiative under the International Rotarian Fellowship of Corporate Social Responsibility. Sevana, which in the Shona Language means like children, derives from the fact that children are impartial and discrimination is a learned behavior and mental creation, be it based on race, ethnicity, caste, gender, nationality, class, religion, level of physical ability, health status among many other lines of division. If we are to overcome these divisions in society we need to be like children. It is unfortunate that while children are impartial, they are among the greatest victims of discrimination based conflicts; we only have to look at the Rohingya Crisis, a conflict based on religious discrimination.

At Sevana we use advocacy to fight discrimination; our advocacy is evidence based, building on thorough research as well as the impact of our projects. Our projects support victims of discrimination. It is well known that discriminated members of society tend to be among the poorest and struggle to meet their basic needs. The main focus of our interventions is food & nutrition security. We provide food packages and cash transfers, and we  specialise in nutrition education for behaviour change in smallholder crop-livestock systems. We support education and provide career mentorship to youth so they boost their income earning potential and in turn their food & nutrition security. We form win-win partnerships with small family run agribusinesses to boost their income earning potential; while agriculture is our main focus we do consider other small businesses. Sevana funds its work through proceeds from our social-enterprise as well as donations from the public. See our funding page for more detail.

Our project implementation model is double pronged, designed to ensure effectiveness, sustainability, and to strengthen our values. We have formed strong partnerships with Rotary Clubs and Faith Based Organisations, and we implement all our projects in partnership with them.


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